A&P License Prep Courses
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Verification Of

Airframe & Powerplant License Exam Eligibility

& Submission Of Required Enrollment Documents, Is The Sole Responsibility Of Each Student!

**This MUST be accomplished before class tuition is paid, to complete your enrollment and reserve a seat in a class!**

The steps necessary to accomplish this are outlined below.

1. Verification of Approval / Eligibility

Students actually take the FAA Computer Certification Exams during class. Each student applying for enrollment; MUST VERIFY that they possess 1 of the 3 types of Approval Documents shown below that is completed in their name, and signed by the Approving Authority. The FAA Testing Centers are strictly prohibited from administering the Certification Examinations if you cannot present one of these completed Approval Documents!
A - Part 147 School, Completion Certificate.
B - JSAMTCC-Military Certificate of Eligibility, form CG-G-EAE-4.
C - FAA form 8610-2 or "Authorization to Test". Signed by the FAA.

2. Submission of Approval Document - Required For Enrollment!

The Approval Document must be Uploaded Below!

(You will also be returning to this page to upload copies of your Computer Test Reports as you complete each exam. You may redact info on those reports other than; Your Name,Test Name, Date, Scores.)

Scan or photo each Approval or Test Report Document, and save it as a legible “Image File”:
(.jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif file types).
Then upload the form below as required by Step #4 of the Red numbered steps for enrollment.

All File Names Submitted Must Include;
Either "Approval" or "Test Name", followed by your "1st Initial & Last Name", depending on the document!

Example - Locate the file on your computer and save it with the new name i.e.;

"Approval JSmith"
"AMG RJones"

then come back to this page to upload it.)
[If you experience difficulty uploading, you may call to get our email address for document submissions].

Select Image File to Upload:

Our classes simplify the process of obtaining an: A&P License, an Airframe License, or a Powerplant License!
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