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** This School Is Owned & Operated By Retired US Military Personnel. "Our Results Are Always Guaranteed!" **

A&P License / Airframe & Powerplant License Class:

(On-Line Spans 3 Weekends, On-Site Spans 12 Days.)

Class Covers: General, Airframe, Powerplant, and Includes the $550 O&P Prep FREE!

A&P Class
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To Enroll; Applicants must follow the 6 Red Numbered Steps below; (Ensure document images are legible.)

1. See if you're eligible for the FAA license you want here; PRE-REQUISITES.
2. Possess or obtain the FAA AUTHORIZATION TO TEST (FAA Form 8610-2), SIGNED BY THE FAA!
3. Complete this FORM to provide the required contact information.
4. Submit the 2 documents required for enrollment HERE.
5. For On-Line Classes - Verify that your Computer & Internet Configuration meet the appropriate SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.
6. Upon completing steps 1-5 you may pay your Tuition via the PayPal "Buy Now" button above, to Reserve Your Class Seat!

Tuition Payment: Done via PayPal's Secure Payment Portal. Reserve your class seat by paying tuition prior to Registration Deadline.

Our classes simplify the process of obtaining an: A&P License, an A/F License, or a P/P License!
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