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**Aviation Industry Employment Advertisements for mechanics typically read "A&P Mechanics Wanted". - Those ads are soliciting responses from Mechanics that possess; an A&P License, only an Airframe License, or only a Powerplant License. Do not be discouraged if your experience only qualifies you for one or the other of the license types. Many Licensed Aviation Mechanics spend their careers as either an Airframe or Powerplant Mechanic only.
Class Type Subjects Covered On-Line Tuition / Instruction Time On-Site Tuition / Instruction Time
A&P G, A, P, Includes $550 O&P Prep Free $750 42 Hours on 3 Weekends $950 42 Hours over 12 Days
A G, A,, Includes $550 O&P Prep Free $650 28 Hours on 3 Weekends $850 28 Hours over 12 Days
P G, P, Includes $550 O&P Prep Free $650 28 Hours on 3 Weekends $850 28 Hours over 12 Days
O&P   $550 16 Hours on 3 Weekends $750 16 Hours over 12 Days
G=General Subjects     A=Airframe Subjects/License     P=General Subjects/License
Tuition Payment Options for On-Line & On-Site Classes can be found by following the Links at the Upper Left Side of Any Page.
On-Site Classes are ONLY available by request for groups of 15 or more eligible individuals who provide the necessary classroom, and we bring the class to your US location.

To get an A&P, A, or P License ALL APPLICANTS must first obtain “Authorization to Test”; Signed by the FAA!
This can only be obtained from the FAA, without it NO APPLICANT can take the licensing examinations!
Computer Exams are taken after each Subject / Module. Determine your eligibility by meeting with the FAA to obtain Authorization.

Number and Type of FAA Certification Exams Required by License Type
License Type
Per FAA Authorization to Test
  Computer Exams   Oral Exams   Practical Exams
  G A P   G A P   G A P
A&P   dot dot dot   dot dot dot   dot dot dot
A   dot dot     dot dot     dot dot  
P   dot   dot   dot   dot   dot   dot
G=General Subjects     A=Airframe Subjects/License     P=General Subjects/License
Registration Deadlines: 15 days prior to On-Line Classes, 30 Days Prior to On-Site Classes.
Examination costs are not included in class tuition they are paid by the student directly to the examiner or exam center at the time each exam is taken.

Live Interaction between Instructor and Student; The most effective training environments allow students to ask questions as they arise during class, and get the answers immediately.

We guide you through every step of the process; You focus on passing your exams. We do the research, provide the training, arrange the classes, explain the questions, references, regulations, connect you with the exam centers, examiners, etc., and we do it all LIVE!

One computer exam required per completed Subject/Module; Taken at authorized Testing Facilities nearest you, which we locate for each student.

Our classes simplify the process of obtaining: an Airframe & Powerplant License, an Airframe License, or a Powerplant License!
Let our experience work for you. Check out our Testimonials & Course Listings and give us a call if you think we can be of service!